Why Common Data Environment Is Not So Common!

Why Common Data Environment Is Not So Common!

Have you ever imagined how to take advantage of working within a common data environment with your team across the globe?

The Common Data Environment (CDE) provides a set of guidelines for organizing data. This aimed at overcoming issues regarding the accuracy and completeness of construction design information.

It’s essential to have a grasp of how you can leverage cloud services to streamline your design workflows with global worksharing and collaboration among your distributed project teams.

Learn more on how your teams can share large data sets in real time, utilize vital geospatial project information, and automate management of project codes, standards and specifications easily and with better accuracy. Also, learn how you can be more agile and precise when sharing files and contract communications with your partners.

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When: 08 February 2017 
Time: 18:00 PM - 20:00 PM 
Where: Bentley Office - 9th Floor, 20 Gracechurch Street, EC3V 0BG, London, United Kingdom