Workflow Rules Engine - Licensing Configuration best practice.

As a best practice when you are using the workflow rules engine in a datasource, and you are working with sub-contractors or external parties who are using their own licenses to access your datasource, it is recommended to set the user settings for the workflow rules engine super user and rollback user to use the locally configured SELECTserver. 

To do this, log into PW admin module as the PW admin and go to the user’s node.  Find the WRE super user and rollback user in the list and go to the properties of the user.  On the settings tab expand Administrative> Client Licensing.  Set the users to the “activate and record usage through the client’s configured SELECTserver.”  If you are unsure who the rollback and super users are, you can export the WRE spreadsheet in the ProjectWise Admin module by right clicking on the Rules Engine node and selecting export rules.