• ProjectWise Administrators SIG Meetings Online Thursday, December 17

    Mark your calendar and invite your colleagues to this month's ProjectWise Administrators Special Interest Group (SIG) online meetings on Thursday, December 17 at 10 a.m. EST and  8 p.m. EST. Meetings are complimentary and attendees earn 1 Professional Development Hour, which is applied to their Bentley Transcript. Register today!  If you have questions, just email Patsy.Gant@Bentley.com.

    • Mon, Dec 14 2015
  • ProjectWise Design Integration Add-on Module for InDesign CC2015

    Announcement: Today we are releasing a ProjectWise integration module for Adobe InDesign CC2015. This release features support for the Adobe InDesign Application. This is being delivered as an “add-in” that can be installed on ProjectWise Explorer CONNECT Edition as well as V8i (SELECTseries 4). The ProjectWise version or later is required for this integration.


    Download Description:


    • Thu, Dec 10 2015
  • What's new in ProjectWise CONNECT Edition ?

         ProjectWise Design Integration CONNECT Edition improves collaboration within distributed organizations through the use of CONNECTED projects and various new cloud services. By taking your existing ProjectWise projects and associating them with CONNECTED projects in the cloud, users can go to the project's Project Portal in ProjectWise Explorer and access new ProjectWise Connection Services including ProjectWise Project…

    • Mon, Nov 16 2015
  • Creating Content in ProjectWise Explorer, live, virtual class on November 13

    Creating Content in ProjectWise Explorer
    Australia Nov. 13, 2015
    Sheila Montgomery

    In this course, you will use ProjectWise functionality while creating content. This course addresses the Explorer client as well as ProjectWise integration with other applications. No ProjectWise experience necessary. Users will learn:

    • Logging in
    • Importing documents
    • Opening documents
    • Working in documents
    • What to do when you are done
    • Tue, Nov 3 2015
  • ProjectWise Hyperlinks From Adobe PDF

    From an existing Microsoft Word file that has a ProjectWise hyperlink, is there a way to save that word to a PDF with fully operational hyperlinks to ProjectWise? Is this simply the limitation without Adobe being fully integrated into ProjectWise? Have anyone found any workarounds? Works fine from Microsoft Word.

    • Mon, Aug 31 2015
  • ProjectWise Point Cloud and Raster Streaming

    What are Point Clouds and Rasters?

    A Point Cloud file contains a set of data points within a coordinate system usually in 3D with X Y and Z coordinates.  These files can become quite large due to the data that can be gathered for each point entered with in the drawing.

    Raster files are usually an image file like a graphic or photo. They are comprised of a grid of pixels where each pixel represents an individual color…

    • Mon, Aug 24 2015
  • Product Name Changes

    This blog is intended to review recent product name changes for use when downloading installers or submitting service requests.

    Name Changes

    • ProjectWise Integration server has been renamed to ProjectWise Design Integration Server

    • ProjectWise Explorer client remains unchanged

    • Bentley Transmittals Services was renamed to ProjectWise Deliverables Management

    • Field Supervisor renamed to ProjectWise Worksite.

    • ProjectWise…

    • Wed, Jul 15 2015
  • Bentley Automation Service V8i SELECTseries 6 (iCS for i-models) release 08.11.14.xx

    Bentley Automation Service V8i SELECTseries 6 (iCS for i-models) release 08.11.14.xx

    Bentley Automation Service V8i SELECTseries 6 will be releasing its next version this summer, 08.11.14.xx.  Bentley Automation Service is also known as iCS for i-models and is available as a separate download from the Fulfillment Center and is a separate install from iCS for PDF.  It runs on top of ProjectWise Orchestration Framework Service…

    • Tue, Jun 16 2015
  • Is ProjectWise Geospatial Management for You?

    Managing documents, database information, images, and data created from a broad array of geographic locations can be a difficult, skills-intensive process. For the most part, this information typically relates to a portfolio of projects and applications, too, making things such as project start-up times, team performance, and reusability of content an ever-increasing challenge.

    So, have you or your organization experienced…

    • Thu, Jun 11 2015
  • Bill McNamara: Advances in Engineering Content Management at Bentley LEARNing Conferences

    Join Bill McNamara, Director, Product Management for Information Management, at the LEARNing Conference for ProjectWise, next week, June 10-11 in Seattle, for an introduction to ProjectWise and AssetWise Engineering Content Management.  Also at the Conference - Bill joins with Vickie Hewitt and fellow ProjectWise Administrators for two “best practices” panel discussions on administering global organizations and global work…

    • Wed, Jun 3 2015
  • Attention: PW Administrators -Expired Certificate Message

    On May 1, 2015, users may see an expired certificate message in all versions of ProjectWise Explorer Client with ProjectWise integration Office 2010, 2013 and 365 modules when opening Microsoft Office files via ProjectWise.  This certificate was used for older 2003/2007 Office file formats.


    It is possible to remove the files that are causing the error message to display.

    • Removing these files will eliminate expired…

    • Thu, Apr 30 2015
  • ProjectWise is now integrated with Microsoft Office 365 Click to Run

    ProjectWise is the only project collaboration and engineering information management software developed explicitly for design and construction processes within architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) infrastructure projects. It provides scalable, industry-proven advantages in work-sharing, content re-use, and dynamic feedback.

    The ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 4) Integration Module for Microsoft…

    • Wed, Apr 15 2015
  • Title Block Attribute Exchange, What is it?

    This article will provide a basic understanding of Title block Attribute Exchange and the location of where to find more information.

    Title block integration is the process of exchanging information between design files (MicroStation or AutoCAD) and ProjectWise from a single source of information stored in the database. The primary purpose of Title Block Integration is to automate the placement of a document's attribute…

    • Tue, Apr 14 2015
  • ProjectWise and WAN Optimization Devices

    Frequently users are asking us if they can leverage WAN Optimization technology with a Project Collaboration solution like ProjectWise. For those of you who are not familiar, WAN acceleration is the category of technologies and techniques used to maximize the efficiency of data flow across a wide area network (WAN). In an enterprise WAN, the goal of optimization is to increase the speed of access to files and the information…

    • Wed, Mar 18 2015
  • Adobe InDesign CS6 (Creative Suite) can now be integrated with ProjectWise Explorer

    Adobe InDesign CS6 (Creative Suite) can now be integrated with ProjectWise Explorer on Windows OS.

    The ProjectWise InDesign Integration module is delivered as an “add-in” that can be installed on top of an existing ProjectWise Explorer Client V8i (SELECT series 4) or later.  Currently, we do not integrate with InDesign Creative Cloud or other Adobe software. 

    InDesign integration was implemented…

    • Mon, Mar 16 2015
  • 2015 LEARNing Conference for ProjectWise Administrators

    This year's LEARNing Conference for ProjectWise Administrators features best practices, tips & tricks, and hands-on workshops for ProjectWise Engineering Content Management. Session topics include:

    • Introduction to ProjectWise Engineering Content Management
    • Creating Integrated Reports with ProjectWIse ECM
    • Document Control and Records Management

    New this year are the "Ask the Expert LEARNing Zone" and "User Showcase…

    • Tue, Feb 10 2015
  • ProjectWise V8i SS4 Integration Compatibility List Update

    The ProjectWise V8i Integration Compatibility List has been updated.  You may also find this information in the corresponding readme files delivered in the individual product specific download. 

    The ProjectWise CONNECT Edition Compatibility list can be found here: http://communities.bentley.com/products/projectwise/content_management/m/mediagallery/271649


    • Thu, Dec 4 2014
  • Are You Looking for the ProjectWise Integration Modules?

    Are you  looking for the ProjectWise Integration modules for ACAD 2015, Revit 2015, Microsoft Office 2013 and

    Adobe InDesign on the SELECT download site? They are all in one location under ProjectWise Explorer Client


    The easiest way to search for the integration modules are with the following criteria:

    • Brand: ProjectWise
    • Generation: V8i
    • Release Type: Commercial
    • Language: English
    • Release Date: Past 12 mont…
    • Wed, Oct 22 2014
  • Is AutoCAD LT compatible with ProjectWise?

    AutoCAD LT does not allow for customizations. AutoDesk reserves that for the full versions of the products.


    Here is a link to the AD developer network for reference.



    Quoted directly from their developer network agreement:

    "You may not use the Software to develop applications for AutoCAD LT®, DWG TrueConvert™, and DWG TrueView™ software, as the aforementioned…

    • Wed, Oct 15 2014
  • ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 4) Integration Module for InDesign CS6

    Announcement: Today we are releasing an integration module for Adobe InDesign CS6 Integration with ProjectWise, version This release features support for the Adobe InDesign CS6 support. This is being delivered as an “add-in” that can be installed on top of existing ProjectWise Explorer V8i (SELECTseries 4) installations. The ProjectWise version or later is required for this integration.…

    • Tue, Oct 7 2014
  • Meet ProjectWise Users Who Attended the Bentley LEARNing Conference in Arizona

    At the LEARNing Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, users had the chance to choose from a wide variety of “social stickers” to identify their interests and industry. Meet some of our ProjectWise guys!

    While these are just a few of the attendees we met onsite, Tuesday night's social dinner was jam-packed with users sporting stickers for ProjectWise, MicroStation, Bridge, Academic, and more! Check out the highlights…

    • Thu, Jun 19 2014
  • ProjectWise on the web/mobile devices

    Is Projectwise Explorer supported on Windows Tablet?

    Not at the current time, however, if anyone would like rt version to be made available in the future development would like to know about it.

    What are other options?

    Field Supervisor which is a mobile app

    What OS is supported?

    • Field Supervisor is now available on the Windows Store as a Windows 8 download, Android and iOS devices
    • Right now it is only supported…
    • Fri, May 23 2014
  • Projectwise Integration Add-On Modules and Application Integration

    Recently, there has been calls pertaining to integration issues with ProjectWise Application integration and the add-ons modules, such as Office 2013, Revit, etc..  When you download the Add-on from the SELECT download site the file gets downloaded and appears to run the .exe.  This is where people are becoming confused and think that the module has "installed".  This is not the actual installation.  You will need…

    • Mon, May 19 2014
  • Projectwise does not support disabling 8.3 shortnames

    Recently we have seen an increase of IT departments rolling out machines with 8.3 shortnames being disabled.  Projectwise does not support disabling shortnames. It will be a problem installing ProjectWise and opening Microstation .dgn files as seen in these related articles.

    Bentley ProjectWise Does Not Exist


    • Wed, May 7 2014