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ProjectWise and Sharepoint - Document Check In

Is there a setting within ProjectWise Web Parts/SharePoint that will prompt or automatically check in a document?

I have a project that is using ProjectWise Web Parts from a SharePoint site and have several users opening documents but not checking them in after they close the document.  To there credit they do not know that the document is not being checked in nor do they remember if I tell them.

Anyone else have this same issue or have a solution?

PWV8i - SharePoint 2007


Sean Keene

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  • User can automatically check in a document only if he/ she is using integrated Office, MicroStation or AutoCAD. But ProjectWise Web Server does not support integration with Office, MicroStation or AutoCAD. So for now we have not possibility check in a document automatically.

  • Sean,

    Do these users (that forget to check-in documents) need to edit documents? Do they intentionally check-out documents to edit them? If check-out is made accidentally and they do not need to edit documents via the web interface - it might be possible to configure security settings so that these users would not have rights to modify documents and therefore would not be able to check them out. And that in turn would eliminate problem of forgetting to check back in documents.

    Could you please tell us more how you're using PW Web Server Web Parts in this project? What are the roles of people who are accessing PW content via web interface? In what scenario are they using PW web access?


    P.S. We have also created a survey to help us better understand how our PW web parts are used currently and what are future priorities: Your input is greatly appreciated.

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  • In reply to Rimantas Varanavicius:


    Thank you for the reply.  To answer your question, yes an no.  Depending on their access at that time they may need to edit the documents or just open read-only.  The real problem is I have over 300 users that are not within the company I work for, so rights management can and will be an ongoing task.  I would rather not take it to that level. 

    The company I work for is hosting the project so all documents reside on our network and the 20+ consultants login to our network with the PW Client or through the SharePoint website with PW Web Parts installed.  If the consultants have PW Explorer they of course receive the check-in document dialog box but if logged in from the SharePoint site no dialog to check in document.  The roles of the people can vary, some could just want to view but some could want to edit the documents from the SharePoint site.  The dilema I am faced with is constantly reminding the users to always check-in the documents, or become the PW\Sharepoint police and constantly check for checked out documents.

    I know there is the PW Web View Server but I am under the impression that this requires a separate web address that needs to be sent out to the read-only viewers.  If I am wrong please let me know.



  • In reply to Sean Keene:

    We usually handle people that need read-only via the folder permissions but you could remove the "Create/Modify/Delete/Free" in their user settings and they'd be read-only that way.

    Doesn't help with people that forget to check-in when they really do need to edit.  we don't really have a solution for that either but we usually delegate a person on the project to do the policing rather than try to do it ourselves.  Global searches "checked out a week ago" and "checked out a month ago" are useful for those doing the policing

    we try to get everyone to use the thick client because of issues like this.



  • In reply to Kevin van Haaren:

    Sean, Kevin,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Would it help if there would be a dedicated web part created that could be placed on web page and would allow user to see all documents that she/he has checked out currently?
    Or would you prefer a solution that on IE window close would pop-up dialog listing all currently checked-out documents and ask/allow user to check them back in?
    Which of the options would you prefer and why? Or maybe you'd prefer some alternative option?



    Could you please tell us more on "we try to get everyone to use the thick client because of issues like this"?
    How many users (approximately) would use web interface but currently are not because of this issue? What are roles of these users? What would they be using PW web access for?
    You said "issues" - what are other issues besides this one?


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  • In reply to Rimantas Varanavicius:

    Oooh. A document organizer web part would be outstanding!  and a Remember Me check box would be nice.
  • In reply to Dean Lyon:

    Dean, Yes, I was thinking of something similar to Local Document Organizer in web. Starting SELECTseries1 release our ASP.NET page will remember last used datasource and username (NOT password) if using native ProjectWise accounts. If used SSO, page will automatically try to login user into the last used datasource. There will be no check-box - it will be default behaviour. However it will be possible to turn it off via web.config setting. Regards, Rimantas

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  • In reply to Rimantas Varanavicius:

    Thanks, I am glad this is the default.  We have external users that while researching thorugh documents for information have to log in serveral times. We have set the time out to be an hour and a half but it is not enough for some to keep them from having to log in mulptiple times wihle tracking down something. Like they are looking at a drawing and it references another, so they have to go get that one too.  Again, I am glad that is the default.
  • In reply to Rimantas Varanavicius:

    A popup at IE close would be a great place to start, I am thinking also if someone is using tabbed browing and they close out of the site that the popup would appear also.  I like the idea because it would alert the user right away to do something.  If a web part is sitting there showing that documents are checked out but not poking at them to do something about it I am positive the user would not care unitl someone forced them to check in the document.



  • In reply to Rimantas Varanavicius:


    Just read this post and thought of letting you know that we too plan to use Thick client due to above+more issues/limitations of PW-Sharepoint web interface.

    Now, we have set up a Web-View server for all users and need to go for thick client for (Edit+ rights) users, which is additional burden for IT personnel due to Limited access rights set on each workstation.

    And yes, we had plans to deploy full PW webserver for 200+ active users and 500+ web view users,  but as of now, will go ahead with Web view server (that too bothers us due to Export/Copy out options available to our Master  Native DWG files, which we need to restrict due to the fact that at times different engineering teams may give away these native files to multiple contractors across projects without proper control and we will face versions/content mismatch issues when we receive those as-builts upon completion of those we wanted to restrict the access of native files to Publisher's view/print options only).

    Not many posts gets answered in my case, but still thought to let u know :)








  • In reply to Jignesh Pattani:



    On the question about copying out the native files, if you wanted to restrict that completely for all files, you could remove the copyout command the from Web part menus.

     Just a thought.



  • In reply to Jignesh Pattani:


    What kind of editing were you looking to enable via PW Web Server?

    If editing using CAD apps - using thick client (PW Explorer) is the recommended way to go. Reason behind this - CAD application integration functionality available in PWE is not planned to be moved to web interface any time soon.
    If you'd be looking to enable data exchange with external parties or review scenarios - we'd recommend to use PW Web Server. Especially if review process involves external users (delivering docs for review, downloading review comments or actively reviewing data - creating markup comments).

    Please tell us more, what exact issues/limitations were identified?

    Also - what platform are you using to run our PW Web and Web View server web parts on? SharePoint (32 or 64bit?) or plain IIS?


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