ProjectWise Explorer Mobile (CONNECT Edition)

We're pleased to announce that ProjectWise Explorer Mobile (CONNECT Edition) is now available on iTunes store on your Apple OS device.

ProjectWise Explorer Mobile (CONNECT Edition) application provides mobile professionals with access their project data when they are away from their desk.  Real-time access to project data ensures decisions are made using the most relevant and current information, at the same time, it eliminates the risk of relying on potentially outdated printed materials. ProjectWise Explorer Mobile (CONNECT Edition) application provides access to multiple project repositories including Bentley’s ProjectWise Design Integration, ProjectWise cloud services and ProjectWise Engineering Content management.  This allows users to directly access secure electronic records for confident decision-making while in a meeting, in the field or while traveling.


New features include:


  • Access an organization's CONNECTED Projects.
  • ProjectWise Design Integration Workflow and states, allowing state changes on one or multiple files & allow to set file(s) to ‘Set as Final’.
  • Allow a ProjectWise link  (pw://) to be clicked (ProjectWise Explorer add-on) from an email via a iOS9 + device and open to a file or a folder in the ProjectWise Explorer Mobile (CONNECT Edition) application
  • CONNECT Project Portal access on a mobile device via a link from the CONNECTED Project(s).


 For more information on ProjectWise Explorer Mobile (CONNECT Edition) , please visit the online community.

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