ProjectWise Issues Resolution: new feature - Issues Register released

We are pleased to announce an update to ProjectWise Issues Resolution service.


Delivered in this release is a new service tile available via the CONNECT Project Portal.  It is called "ProjectWise Issues Resolution" and it replaces "ProjectWise Issues Resolution Administration".  By accessing the new tile you will be presented with the Issues Register feature.  Administration is accessible from within the Issues Register.


Issues Register allows users to have complete project insight and provides project stakeholders a view of all issues identified from the beginning and during the life cycle of the project including the appropriate action needed to address each issue as well as the anticipated outcome.


In Issues Register user can also review issues submitted from the field using various applications.  This includes markups (and other photo/picture attachments) and the added convenience of assigning multiple issues to specific project member and exporting out to Excel.

  • Darius,  would it be possible for this service to report a usage (and overusage) of 4 min several times in the last 2 weeks when I log into the Project Portal Via the Connection client.  I am seeing overages assigned to us due to this service, (which to my knowledge we were not even aware of let alone had a reason to use).