New update release - ProjectWise Issues Resolution

Dear All,

I am pleased to announce a new update for our ProjectWise Issues Resolution service. This time we are delivering few nice features to the web based Issues Register:

The first thing you will notice once opening ProjectWise Issues Resolution tile in CONNECTED project - quick clickable statistics about the project issues:

This will quickly tell you how many open issues there are in a project, how many are already closed, total number of project issues and the number of issues that are assigned to <you>.

Another feature that we are very happy to announce - Notifications:

Users will get the notifications on few conditions:

  • When new issues has been assigned to him/her;
  • When new comment has been added to the issue that he/she is assigned to;
  • When issue's status has changed;
  • When PDF generation has been completed.

Notifications will pop-up in web browser as well as it will come to the email. We are also looking forward to extend the capabilities of notifications in future updates.

One new other feature has already been mentioned - PDF generation. We have delivered two ways to generate PDF reports:

  • Bulk PDF report:
    • Select multiple issues in the list, open "Actions" menu and select to export issues to PDF;
    • PDF generation will run in the background and you will get the notification once the PDF report is done and placed in your Personal Share in Personal Portal;
    • The PDF export will contain a table of content and it is a full export including every single attachment and all the comments.
  • By a single issue:
    • If you need a quick export of a single issue - then once you have opened the issue - please find a button "Export to PDF" that will quickly generate (and open) single issue report;

And last (but not least) is Configurable Grid feature:

This will allow a personal user configuration of the Grid View in the Issues Register. This means that users will be able to add/remove columns to display in the grid and focus and the most important metadata.

We are looking forward for the new exciting features in the near future.

Please take time for a quick quiz at the end of this announcement. 

Thank You!