ProjectWise Integration Module for Revit Advance Integration 2018 Released

ProjectWise Integration Module for Revit 2018 - Released for:


ProjectWise Design Integration Explorer

ProjectWise Design Integration improves collaboration within distributed organizations through the use of CONNECTED projects and various new ProjectWise Cloud Services. By taking existing projects and associating them with CONNECTED projects in the cloud, you can leverage new Cloud Services including Project Sharing, Deliverables Management, and Project Performance Dashboards. Users can go to the Personal Portal from ProjectWise Explorer to take advantage of custom LEARNing paths and software recommendations based on role and skill level.

The ProjectWise Integration Module for Revit download contains the installation package needed to integrate 64-bit Revit with ProjectWise Design Integration

The ProjectWise Advanced Integration Module for Revit provides the following capabilities:
With this release, we are adding Support for the Advanced Integration with Revit 2018. This add-on module is a port of the robust integration capabilities of previous versions as well as the following major items:
• This integration module delivers ProjectWise integration support for Advanced Autodesk Revit 2018 Application integration
• Users who install this integration module can expect the same level of ProjectWise integration with Revit 2018 as they had with Revit 2016 and 2017.
• Technical Preview of the imbedded ProjectWise Issues Resolution Service.

• No additional license beyond a ProjectWise Design Integration Visa is required.

Learn Content:

  • A recorded SIG presentation of Revit Advanced Integration can be found here

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