ProjectWise Design Integration Update 3.2

With the this release we are Building upon the initial releases and expanding the capabilities of ProjectWise Design Integration.

What’s New in ProjectWise Design Integration Update 3.2, version

Updated Application Support

This version now supports:
• MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 12
• MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 10)
• MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Update 12
• Bentley View CONNECT Edition Update 11 and 12
• Microsoft Office 365 (2019)

MicroStation Integration Enhancements

  • Support for using MicroStation item types inside title blocks (attribute exchange). This feature is being released as a technology preview.
  • New MCM.USER.CFG variable, PW_DISABLE_BINARY_COMPATIBILITY_CHECK, which should only be used in rare situations where you need to open ProjectWise documents into a non-binary compatible version of MicroStation in non-integrated mode (MS CE Update 4 or earlier).

Deleted Items Folder Enhancements

The Deleted Items folder, which was introduced as a technology preview feature in a previous version of ProjectWise CONNECT Edition Update, is now ready for production use. With this change, the Deleted Items folder is no longer only for administrators. Now, any user who has the new user setting, General > Can use Deleted Items folder, turned on, can see and use this folder in ProjectWise Explorer (the Deleted Items folder is still enabled per datasource by your administrator, by turning on the datasource setting Miscellaneous > Enable 'Deleted Items' folder in ProjectWise Administrator).

Enabling Windows and Bentley IMS Authentication During Datasource Creation

For Windows Domain and Bentley IMS authentication, you can now enable these authentication methods in the datasource during datasource creation, by turning on the options Support Windows Domain authentication and Support Bentley IMS authentication through the New Datasource Wizard. This automatically adds the respective settings (SSO=1 and STS=1) to the DMSKRNL.CFG file. 

Importing ProjectWise Applications Using ProjectWise Administrator

You can now import application definitions into the datasource by right-clicking the Applications node in ProjectWise Administrator and selecting Import Application Configurations, and then selecting the XML file that contains your updated or modified list of application definitions. 

License Status in ProjectWise Administrator

The Datasource Properties dialog (General tab) in ProjectWise Administrator now shows the current status of your organization's ProjectWise Integration server license.

Server-Side Processing for the Work Rules Engine 

This feature, which was introduced as a technology preview in an earlier version of ProjectWise Design Integration, is now ready for use in production. The UPDATE_TB command is now supported through Passport enabled services (PW 365 services and PW Edge Mobile). Server-side processing requires both a newer server and ProjectWise Explorer client (both must be CONNECT Edition Update 3.2).

Bentley i-model Composition Server for PDF Enhancements

  • There is now an option Include child folders, if you want the documents within the subfolders of the added folder to be processed when the job is run
  • A new Incremental Settings tab on Job Builder dialog in OF/iCS Administrator to the change the default criteria used to determine whether a source document needs to be reprocessed during an incremental run of a job
  • When creating or modifying an output file naming convention component, you can now define a naming convention for the rendition document name and description
  • New server configuration options on the iCS for PDF Configuration Wizard that opens during installation (details in the Implementation Guide)
  • New datasource configuration options available from the iCS for PDF Browser in Orchestration Framework Administrator (details in the iCS for PDF help)
  • New option in iCS for PDF Browser in Orchestration Framework Administrator that lets you view a list of all iCS for PDF jobs that are currently running
  • Improved handling and removal of temporary files and folders. As part of this change, the default location of temporary files and folders has been moved and can be changed by setting a system environment variable.
  • Define a naming convention for the distributed source document name and description
  • Disable the creation of logical sets after source files are distributed
  • Mirror just part of the source folder structure (by setting a mirror depth) when mirroring the folder structure for renditions and/or distributed source files
  • Specify that the newly created destination folder for renditions be assigned the same environment as the folder containing the source files

Installer and Delivery Set Changes

  • New ProjectWise Server installer. All of the ProjectWise servers are now installable through a single "ProjectWise Server" installer.
  • Bentley Web Services Gateway is no longer installed independently of the delivered plug-ins. Instead, now you select which WSG plug-in you want to install, and the Bentley Web Services Gateway is automatically installed along with it.
  • Whether you install one or multiple items from this installer, only a single ProjectWise Server CONNECT Edition entry is added to the computer's Programs and Features window after installation. In other words, items like Bentley i-model Composition Server for PDF, ProjectWise User Synchronization Service, or Bentley Web Services Gateway are no longer listed separately in this window.
  • The following items have been removed and are no longer delivered:
    • ProjectWise Publishing Gateway Service
    • ProjectWise Indexing Connector for SharePoint
  • ProjectWise Business Process BS1192 Template is still supported but has been removed from the installer and is no longer delivered. Contact Bentley Professional Services for the latest version.

ProjectWise 3.2 Implementation Guide

This version of PWDI will require a DMS CONVERT when upgrading from an older version of PWDI

Resolved Defects and Enhancements