ProjectWise Design Integration Update 3.2 R3

ProjectWise Design Integration is being replaced with version

A defect was discovered that interfered with attribute exchange and title block updates for pre-3.2 ProjectWise Explorer clients. This release includes an update to PWDI Server, Admin, and Client

Other improvements in this release include

  • Improvements to dms convert
  • An update to MIME type for PW Caching Servers
  • Improper authentication timeouts for IMS logins
  • MicroStation reference file version display fix

Connection Client version delivered with this release is

This version of ProjectWise Integration server will require a DMS CONVERT when upgrading from an older version of ProjectWise Integration server

Implementation Guide

  • Hi Phil,

    It seems like the load balancing issue remains within 3.280.

    On 3.140 and below you only had to make sure the token keys matched on the servers within the cluster for users to be able to copy out files via files.  The keys were static on these servers unless deleted and the dmskrnl service restarted however from 3.265 on-wards the keys now change every time the service is restarted meaning that the clustered servers never match.  This obviously means users get a security error when trying to copy out files.

    In the notes for this version it still states that all you need to do is make sure the keys match but this is obviously no longer possible.  From a previous conversation you said the developers were trying to force you to use ';FileAccessTokenCAEnabled=true and FileAccessTokenVersion=3' but we couldnt get this to work on 3.265 and now 3.280 either.

    We are now looking at upgrading our on-premise infrastructure up to 3.280 from 3.140 but are unable to unless we can get load balancing working.


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