Announcement ProjectWise Web Update is Available Now


IMPORTANT: Existing on-premises PW Web User’s must update their CORS configuration to include

Announcing the UPDATE of ProjectWise Web!  ProjectWise Web is a ProjectWise Cloud Service that gives access to project content in ProjectWise to both internal users and the external supply chain without going through the firewall.  Users can view, review, edit and share content through web portal access.  This release significantly closes the capability gap of ProjectWise Web Server v8i for our users.  Organizations will benefit from enhancements in information access, review and approval workflows and Microsoft integrations.

Problem: Accounts need to provide access to information in ProjectWise to both internal and external users who are involved in traditional review and approval cycles and work mainly with Office documents, PDFs and images. Specifically, existing users of Web Server (v8i) are requesting feature parity in PW Web.

Solution: ProjectWise Web provides access to ProjectWise Explorer content through a browser. Users can easily navigate work areas and find the information they need to perform work. This release includes most of the features of Web Server (v8i) including advanced searches, check out/in and editable attributes. Based on permissions set in ProjectWise Design Integration, this web access is secure and protects data integrity.


Work with files online using Office 365

Requires 3.2 PW WSG Plug-in

Review PDFs and Markup

Advance document states based on WRE

Check Out/In files for offline work

View Attributes

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Requires 3.3 PW WSG Plug-in – Release due May 11

Advancements in Search and Filtering

Edit attributes

Version Control by User

Access Views in ProjectWise Explorer