ProjectWise Drive for ProjectWise Web users - Public Early Access Released!

Focus on your work. Let ProjectWise Drive get the files where they need to be.

ProjectWise Drive lets everyone on the team work with project files as if they are local.

 ProjectWise Drive introduces new capabilities for non-CAD application users to seamlessly and cost effectively work with files on their desktops and have all the power of ProjectWise including workflows, attributes, and document numbering. This will remove the practice of storing project WIP and deliverables in several repositories, and result in better collaboration and productivity.

Existing ProjectWise users can use this lighter and more accessible interface to work with ProjectWise content.  Combined with the new ProjectWise Web integration with Office 365 this creates an opportunity to invite users who did not use ProjectWise before to join the collaboration and still work in a familiar environment.

ProjectWise Explorer remains the primary interface for those who need the power of deep integration with CAD design tools and many advanced ProjectWise functions.  

However, ProjectWise Drive also has something to offer to design and engineering application users. ProjectWise Drive offers a natural folder structure with all files instantly accessible from the desktop. This could improve workflows for engineering applications, which do not have ProjectWise Explorer integration especially ones requiring access to many files at once.


Public Early Access

Note: ProjectWise Drive is already available to all ProjectWise 365 users for general use!

ProjectWise Drive is currently available as Public Early Access to all ProjectWise Web users. The product was tested within multiple environments and the quality is near production ready, but we are looking for a few more users to download and use it to be sure.

Discover the benefits that ProjectWise Drive provides as a cloud-base storage synchronized with your local desktop. Test how it works in your project environment. This will help you to prepare for general access (GA) later. We feel confident in the quality of this Early Access build. However, understand that there are some quality and stability risks with Early Access product, so we encourage you to test ProjectWise Drive with the intended workflows before deploying to a larger audience.

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