ProjectWise Full Text Search leveraging Microsoft Search Service Express not working

We outgrew the limits of the Windows Index service with a datasource hitting 10 Million documents in early October, and we've lost the ability to use full text search since.  Going on just under two months now without a critical feature.

I understand in some cases the Windows index service continues to work fine at this size; however, in our case, we tried restores along with a variety of other attempts to allow the index to rebuild but could not get it to come back online.

The alternative approach is to use the Microsoft Search Service Express (MSSE) a 2010 product that runs on Server 2008.  Working with the support team, we have been able to get this product installed and have re-indexed our full catalog of 10 Million documents.  Additionally we've confirmed from the logs and visually its indexing new documents but is still not properly tied to ProjectWise and we're waiting for assistance from development now.  Full text returns 0 results currently.

ProjectWise development - do you follow these forums?  I'm hoping you do, and I'm trying reaching out to you directly and publicly.  Full text search is something I feel is a key component to ProjectWise and in our environment it is currently not working.

Please connect with the support team and help us bring this feature back online.  Full text is dead in the water for us, and our two month anniversary of the loss of full text search for us will occur on Jan 11th (when we submitted the SR for it having failed).