where is the project?

I received an invitation with the following message.


Fisyah Zainon from Bentley Systems Inc invites you to exchange deliverables using ProjectWise Deliverables Management for "I_pcase" project you both work on:

Hi Georgina, I would like to have a testing to use this feature and then I would like to recommend to user to use this connect edition. I found here it faster for uploading the files. Thank you. Fisyah.

At the end of the message it has a button for "Accept invitation".  When I clicked on the invitation it took me to a page with the following.

Set up the deliverables inbox

Fisyah Zainon from Bentley Systems Inc has invited you to exchange deliverables for the "I_pcase" project.
Register a new project in Bentley CONNECT to set up your deliverables inbox.
It has a link to "select an existing project".  I tried looking for the project I was invited.  The system could not find the project name which the original message indicated in quotes, "I_pcase".
How can I get to the project?