ProjectWise to SharePoint

Is there an add-on or a function where you can send files directly from ProjectWise to SharePoint.

We have a client that uses SharePoint for their project CDE but the Design team will be using PW I'm trying to avoid filling out all the information on PW and then doing the same on SharePoint so was just checking if there was a function or add-on that would allow us to upload to PW then just do a transfer with all the metadata.

if there is, can you get file s from sharepoint into PW.


  • Version web server has SharePoint integration, you can use it to add PW SharePoint components to existing SharePoint website, turning it into a PW web that can upload and checkout files.

    For meta data, you could use excel import export tool(comes with client installation) to perform bulk updates and modifications on already uploaded files.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.