ProjectWise managed workspace downloading too many files

Hi All,

Here is the problem when opening a simple 3D model file:

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  • Opening with MicroStation V8i using a managed workspace. The application used has no impact on the result. It does the same thing with OpenPlant Modeler.
  • Folder has 84 documents and many of them have a lot of versions.

What happens

  • All files from the folder, including all versions of all the files, are downloaded. Even if they have nothing to do with the model being opened.
  • The total number of files downloaded is about 2900 files.
  • It takes a very long time to open the model.

Has anyone seen something like this? Would you have some suggestions how to debug this?


  • Why does it download all the files from the folder?
  • Why does it download all the revisions of all the files?


  • ProjectWise Explorer
  • ProjectWise Integration Server



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