ProjectWise Links in Skype for Business IMs

Is there any known workaround for sending ProjectWise links via Skype for Business IM? Pastes of the URL fail with a "Something went wrong while pasting your content." error.

Paste unformatted is about the only way I can get the link to send, and it converts everything after the PW: to a perceived UNC path link due to the \\<servername>\<sharename> syntax it thinks it sees.

Funny enough, our datasource starts with the letter P, so when we attempt to build a link using the Insert a Link button it acts like it is going to work correctly, then shows up only as a smiley face emoticon to the recipient due to the ":P" that it sees between server name and datasource name - all surrounding text is stripped away. I was able to turn off emoticons in my preferences, and any ProjectWise links I received that were created in this manner seemed to work, but upon clicking on them I'm greeted with a "The web page [link] was not loaded in response to you clicking the link because it is either invalid or restricted for security reasons."

Any guidance is appreciated.


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