Query Question please


We have a BS1192 based datasource, the below is how its filters volume codes to roles / disciplines using the description of the role folder.

"SELECT pw_code, pw_desc FROM env_lkp_volumes WHERE pw_sub1 = '$EDIT#FI_ROLE_CODE$' ORDER BY pw_code"

This works with no problems, I now need to develop it to allow the volume codes it manages to be client specific, as such I've added a "client" attribute at the project level and was planning on using a second filter.

So the query will read the role value as existing but will then perform a secondary filter to the client value set at the project level. I thought something like the below would work but I'm missing something basic I suspect.

SELECT pw_code, pw_desc FROM env_lkp_volumes WHERE pw_sub1 = '$EDIT#FI_ROLE_CODE$' and pw_sub2 = '$PROJECT#CLIENT$' ORDER BY pw_code

Any guidance on where I'm going wrong appreciated.