Single Sign-on

Our Company is starting to implement PW CONNECT ( on Windows 10 laptops. Mind you: NOT web server nor cloud services. Also it is just the clients that get updated, Serverside is v8i RU2.

We encounter a ProjectWise "challenge" regarding authentication from the ProjectWise client to the back-end.

Currently, our ProjectWise client (v8i) has a single sing-on experience based on domain authentication. We are working on a new workspace concept which is a Azure AD joined device only, and uses modern authentication. So no domain authentication at all.

Is it possible for the ProjectWise client to authenticate to the back-end based on OAuth2 (modern authentication), so that we can achieve single sign-on?

If so, what would be necessary to achieve this?

If not, is there any other way to use single sign for ProjectWise without domain authentication?

Any help is welcome!

Thanks for reading,