Interplot Organizer on MS Server - licensing issue

We are facing an licensing issue when doing automatic plots of dgn/dwgs to pdf server side and is now looking for a solution. So far, no one at Bentley have offered an solution for us. 

Short story long...

We have a solution for combining a lot of different file types into a single pdf-package. The files can be located in different datasources, for instance SAP. For converting dgn/dwgs to pdf-fil, InterPlot Organizer is used and started via script and which returns the pdf file to a given folder for furter processing.  

InterPlot Organizer uses the MicroStation engine in order to create the plot-file, which InterPlot uses for printing. In the early days, we used Bentley View, but View is now terminated, and we have to use either MicroStation or Powerdraft. 

The case is as follows:

In order to convert the dgn-files to pdf, we have to use InterPlot Organizer on a server (since InterPlot Organizer can be started from cmd). InterPlot Organizer requires MS-engine, but the license agreement does not allow MicroStation nor PowerDraft to be run on a server (or for automatic processing). i-model Composition Server cannot be used as it require the files to be located within ProjectWise, which is not possible.

So, as far as I can see, there are no options to convert dgn/dwg to pdf serverside after Bentley View was terminated.  It is not an option to use a client to convert the files. 

The simplest solution, as I see it, is to allow the MS-engine to be run on a server for use with InterPlot Organizer, but that requires an acceptance from Bentley. 

So far, no one have provided a solution for this issue. 

Does anyone have any ideas?