Error with New Version created via Rules Engine

I am switching one of our work groups into a Rules Engine based workflow but I am encountering an error when trying to create a new version for some documents.  This workgroup uses purely integer version & revision numbers and I think that is the root of the problem.  Version and revision numbers are treated the same and in all cases appear to be equal. 

It appears that when a new version is created via the Rules Engine that the new version number becomes the new sequence number.  If I have a series of drawings on version 10, but only versions 5-10 are stored in PW, then the sequence number for the version 10 document will only be 4.  When I try to create a new version from document version 10 (sequence 4), the new document becomes sequence 5 (version 5) which conflicts with a previous version 5 (sequence 0) and I receive the following error "Document Version name (identifier) is already used...".  To my knowledge, I cannot edit the version number on past versions, nor can I change the sequence numbers so I am completely stuck.  The only way around i have found is to remove the workflow and manually create a new version but that defeats the purpose.  

Anyone know of another solution?  I was hoping to simply change the default version string to a letter avoiding the conflict but no changes I have made to either my own settings or the datasource settings seem to impact it...



  • Sequence numbers should always just increment, but the version doesn't when WRE is in use, and you may run into trouble with a straight numeric revision.  There are times when the version and revision are the same, and this is where you may be running into trouble.
    The version and sequence are not verified against each other, but the same version number for the same document cannot be reused.