Automatic removal of redundant local PW Managed Workspace files?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is any way to get Projectwise to remove copied out Managed Workspace files to your local drive that have been removed from the source Workspace on Projectwise?

I have many Microstation configuration variable that load files using wildcards, so any "superseded" files that have since been removed from the source workspace and still being loaded. Since we regularly update our workspace this is becoming a big problem.

I'm using Projectwise Explorer CE with Microstation CE U11 & OpenRoads Designer 2018 R4.



  • I'd love to know if this is common as we will be going to managed at some point.


  • Not yet (hopefully coming at some point as this is a huge request).

    But there are some tricks you can use to work around the problem. Typically the problem occurs for 2 variable types:

    1. Pointing to a folder and PW downloads everything in the folder (MS_FONTPATH is like this)
    2. Using a wildcard when for a list of filenames (MS_SYMBRSRC > \some\path\*.rsc is like this)

    If when you setup your configuration blocks you don't select the last FOLDER name as part of the path, but instead append it as a string. You can then delete (or just rename) the whole folder in PW, then create a new folder of the same name with just the items you want. The files will be placed in a different dmsXXXXX folder on the users computer and no longer reference the old folder (the files will remain taking up useless space unfortunately, but they won't be used in the workspace).

    Same applies for the *.rsc style, except you'll but in the last folder and the *.rsc as the append string

    below are screenshots of the config block in my testing of this method.

    First for MS_FONTPATH:

    And for MS_SYMBRSRC

    Once you do this anytime you need to remove a file from the workspace you'll need to rename the existing folder, create a new folder with same name, and put just the files you want in it.