DGNLib and Config Settings within PW Environment

Dear Forum,

I have started a query about how DGNlibs are used and managed over on the Microstation Forum:


but also have a query about how to set the DGNLib Config when in a PW v8 environment. Can anyone help? Ifi set the config of MS_DGNLIBLIST in Microstation, is that correct or will a PW config somewhere overright this?

  • There are 2 ways to have a configuration in Projectwise:

    • Managed - The configuration is managed within projectwise by a projectwise administrator. Files used in the configuration such as dgnlibs or font rsc files are in projectwise. Variables that point to files are set in projectwise.
    • Workspace Profile - this configures the microstation command line to load configuration files outside of projectwise. Files such as dgnlibs or rsc files are outside of projectwise. you can't point to a file inside of projectwise with this method.

    You can see which configuration your dgn has by righ-clicking the file, selecting Properties and clicking the Workspace tab.


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