ProjectWise Load Balancing


Has anyone managed to setup up load balancing using an F5 with two Integration servers?

I have been trying to get this working without any luck.  We configured the F5 so all traffic goes through the same FQDN and IP (originally when you pinged the FQDN it was replying with either of the IP numbers from the two Integration servers) however getting inconstant results.

I can go on a users machine and point it towards the FQDN and it correctly brings up the datasource and I can access the files okay but then I can then try another file and it hangs then gives me a logon prompt.  When I check the logs on the Integration server that they have been connected to it will say there has been a ODBC error although its clearly okay as it connected fine the first time.  This is the error I receive.

Is there any other documentation anywhere explaining how to setup Load Balancing with the F5 or Windows Clustering even?  The only thing I have found is a section in the PW implementation manual.

Thanks in advance,