Suggestions for improvements - Windows browsing - Quick access - recent files


Where do we suggest improvements to the Project Wise Explorer Client?

I came up with this one will help Windows users, for using files with apps that do not have PW integration.

Whenever a PW Explorer user CHECKS OUT a document, add that checked out working folder path (and file) to the Windows Recent Files (found in Windows file browser > Quick access > Recent Files).

Then that file will be easily accessed by the user in any Windows app that does not have PW integration.

Or ... did I miss a feature somewhere?

Thx for your patience.

Kev B

  • Do you mean when you right-click and select Check Out but don't actually open the document? If I actually open the document most apps seem to be adding the document to the  list already (except text documents, neither Notepad nor Notepad++ worked for me).  But if I JUST Check Out the document it is not added to the list.

    Not sure I'd want something i only checked out to be added to the list. Copying a file from a network share to your local computer doesn't add it to the list either, and that's what i view Check Out as, copying from projectwise to the computer. Actually opening the file is different.


  • Oh, to actually answer your question: To make a feature request I file a normal ticket with Bentley requesting the feature. Merely posting to the forums is insufficient, tracking as a ticket is better. It'll usually get turned into a Customer Request (CR) type ticket.  How they handle it from there I have no idea.