Method not found / ProjectWise Deliverables Management Error

Good Morning All,

Recently I have encountered a strange issue after installing ProjectWise Explorer Client version XX.3.167 for one of our users.. It seems to only be affecting this one device, and this error keeps occurring no matter which version I install on the device.

Here are some of the steps that I have already taken to try and resolve the issue:

-Prior to 3.167, he was running XX.3.49 with no issues.

-Uninstalled Explorer 3.49 & CONNECTION Client, then installed 3.167 & its packaged CONNECTION Client. (Installed with all features checked)

-After logging into the Datasource, any Work Area that is opened(expanded), this error message will pop-up:

-Removed 3.167, replaced with the older 3.49 to try and get rid of this error, but it is still popping up when opening Work Areas.

-We have also tried 3.140, but received the same issue with that version of ProjectWise.

Has anyone else experienced this issue when opening Work Areas inside of ProjectWise? It would be very helpful to know where the error is originating from & how others have gone about resolving this one. I have been unsuccessful in finding a fix for this.

Any and all comments will be helpful in troubleshooting this issue!

Thank you

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