Microstation integrated with ProjectWise - missing standard window file dialog.

One of the projects I am currently working on was set up by our client. For some reason he disabled an ability to open/attach files from local drives. Whenever I start Microstation projectwise dialog pops up, but when I close it the standard Microstation dialog won't open. The same happens when I want to attach a local file as a reference or print PDF to my local drive. It's very frustrating. Unfortunately the client's BIM manager is not cooperative so I am wondering if there is a way to enable the standard open/save dialog by editing some configuration files.

  • Hi Rafal,

    Best to move this post to the Content Management (ProjectWise) forum, but im betting your client has enabled the "Use Captive Environment" setting that disables the ability to use "local" dialogs to open/reference files, etc.



    OpenRoads Designer 2021 R1 (10.10)  |  Microstation CE Update 16.2 |  ProjectWise CE 3.4

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