Instructions on silent server installs for new combo installer of ProjectWise

Are there any instructions for doing silent installs of ProjectWise servers with the new combo installer in Can't find anything in the readme or implementation guide. I see the explorer options but not server.



  • Hello Kevin,

    Although ProjectWise Administrator and ProjectWise Server silent installation is not documented yet, the same idea of ProjectWise Explorer silent installation workflow applies to these installers, too (like general parameters – ADDLOCAL, REMOVE (for adding/removing features), etc). Documentation on how to export feature list for ProjectWise Explorer installer can be found in “PWDI Readme > Release Notes > Silent Installation from a Command Prompt”.

    In addition, ProjectWise Administrator supports PWA_INSTALLDIR="path" parameter.

    ProjectWise Server bundle also has more parameters:

    Installation directory parameters:

    • PWS_INSTALLDIR="path"  
    • PWS_INSTALLDIR64="path"

    ProjectWise Integration Server storage location parameter:


    Orchestration Framework user parameters:

    • OF_SHEPHERD_PASSWORD="password"

    User Sync Service user parameters:

    • PWS_SSDOMAIN="domain"
    • PWS_SSUSER="user"
    • PWS_SSPASSWORD="password"



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