ProjectWise Print organizer SS4 PowerGeopak

I just printed a pset (that I have printed hundreds of times) and linework from reference files is old (out of date/revised weeks ago). I always check out /update server copies/check in - all sheet files before printing because its the only way to get titleblock tags to update correctly. I purged workspace and reprinted but this time the reference didn't even show up. I believe the issue has something to do with the message I get when I open these files "one or more reference files has been renamed and/or moved. ProjectWise has updated the master file to take those changes into account." I know what this is but it shouldn't show up over and over in every file I open. First off, files have not been renamed or moved. Secondly, once I hit OK on a particular file, i shouldn't receive the same message on the next file that has the same references. My theory is that when I use Print Organizer this message cannot be addressed so the files just dont print. Problem is my machine only, others in office are printing correctly - so it is not the files.I have tried multiple versions of PW. Currently using Thanks

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