Caching servers and VPN

We have caching servers set up in all of our offices, and this brought some great efficiencies to project team members that sit in the same office.  However, due to the current situation gripping the world, 100% of our users are working away from the office, so no two users are on the same LAN.  Our VPN is currently routed through one of 4 different offices throughout the country - depending, theoretically, on which one is closest to the user.  As such, all our ProjectWise users are connecting to one of these caching servers through the VPN.  This could theoretically put the project files "closer" to the user, though obviously the user now has to go through the VPN to download these files.  My question is, should we be doing this, or should we be sending these users directly to our Bentley-hosted cloud data source?  My sense is that we should not be using the caching servers and VPN and instead going directly to the Bentley-hosted cloud server, but that is just a guess.  Can anybody here offer some advice that is perhaps better informed than my "gut"?  Thanks.