Integration memory max out

Hello all

Someone know how to read the logs of the integration server?

I have my cpu max out and I would like to look at the log but not sure what I should look for

  • The PW logs may not show why CPU resources are maxed out. I would suggest grabbing a hang dump of the process (task manager>right click on process  name>create dump) and running it through an analyzer like the one available in Debug Diag. If you are still unsure, open a SR and the hang dump will be useful for support to troubleshoot as well. 



  • I may have a collateral question... in a document relate to deploying the Integration server infrastructure, there is a graph showing CPU and Memory to support X number of users, to help us size the integration server.

     for 750 connected users, it is mention 6 core and 8 gig ram.

    What will be the profile of the connected user under this configuration? Like is it assume each user do 10 check-in and check-out per hour? they have transaction that sum to 1 gig per hour? just trying to figure out the volume of transaction 750 users represent..

    Today we had about 120 users that connect through out the day and at some point we had 25 users connect at the same time. Is this possible 25 users generate a volume of transactions equivalent to 750 users?

    Because if 25  generate the equivalent or 750 user, two options

    We have a huge problem of data integrity, forcing the server to work much harder than expected.


    the definition of a connect user is way under what real life is.

    Hope you can help me  on this one... ( or any one else from bentley or any other PW admin able to share some ratio. You can contact me in private if require)

    Thank you