MS Office Integrations

Either subsequent to MS Office product updates, or, delay in loading the cloud based apps, ProjectWise add-ons are being disabled for ProjectWise users and causing issues.  The application associations are intact, but the ProjectWise menus are absent.

How are people management this and prevent add-ons from being disabled?

  • We are seeing this too and it driving us slightly bonkers. I believe a repair install fixes it, if not it's an uninstall/reinstall which is super frustrating (so is a repair install to be honest).


  • It's one of our most common issues and everytime we speak to Bentley about it they say no one else mentions it.  I have seen quite a few other companies saying that they disable or remove the integration tool but we utilise it for attribute exchange as well as the ability to open more that one file so have to live with the pain.

    The steps to fix the issue can vary.  Sometimes you can just do a repair other times you have to either reset/delete some registry entries or just re-enable the com addin.

  • Open the Registry Editor and make sure the LoadBehavior keys are set to 3 for the following keys:


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