ProjectWise Drive - Bulk add files?

I've finally got a chance to start experimenting with ProjectWise Drive and see some interesting possibilities here.

One thing I did was copy in about 5,000 files into one of my Drives. I can see the folders got created in ProjectWise, but I have to right-click files and select Add To Drive. I can select multiples, but when I do I have to then individually approve every filename being added. Is there a way to automatically have the files added as well, or at least right-click a folder and "Import all files".

  • Kevin. Have a chat with Development Team. I'm told new features are coming. That enable dynamic creation and edit



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  • Hey Kevin,

    Are you needing to use a Document Code for these Files or simply emulate the "simple" drag-n-drop action of ProjectWise Explorer? If the latter, there is a checkbox at the bottom of the Create Document Wizard that can forgo prompts for each File.

    Hope that this helps.

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