DMS Physical Folder Structure

At one time, I think document versioning in ProjectWise would create subfolders under the DMSxxxxx folder.

Is that structure still in place?  (We started way back with 3.2, and are currently on

 We never used that method of versioning, and I can't find any documentation about it or how to detect it.  I thought I remember there was a setting with how many levels were permitted, and if you set it to one, then everything stayed at the DMS level.  I don't see that either.  This ring any bells?

I need to do some checking on the server folder structures hosting our Storage Areas.  I want to be sure we don't have any lower level child folders somewhere without viewing them all one-by-one.

  • Steve,

    Creating versions of documents in PRojectWise will indeed create sub-folders under the dmsXXXXX folder in the storage area.  We do this to avoid renaming the physical files(since when you create a version you will now have multiple copies of the file).  I believe that the sub-folders follow a pattern of verX, where X is the sequence number of the version. 

     Of course, the user in ProjectWise is isolated from all of this detail and just sees the versioned files in ProjectWise Explorer.


    What you are remembering about the levels actually relates back to how ProjectWise used to handle the storage of the meta-data in the database.  You are really dating yourself(and me) with this question  :).   At one time, ProjectWse used to keep a separate database table for each document folder, now we just use one dms_docs table, however as we started transitioning from the multiple tables to a single table, there was an option to create a separate table for top level folders only or for only the top X levels of folders.