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Links to ProjectWise resources on Be Communities

Thought it might be useful to create sticky post that contained some links to useful resources for ProjectWise here on Be Communities. There is a bunch of great content that not everyone may be aware of that may be helpful.

 I would start with the ProjectWise Users Group Community which also has a great set of links on its homepage.

A common question is "What applications work with ProjectWise?", here are resources that helps answer that:

Here are some Blogs from various folks with some great ProjectWise recommendations and best practices:

There are also some WIKI pages that are maintained by TSG and the ProjectWise team that may also be useful:

Links to Bentley LEARN Server content for ProjectWise:

Links to online readmes (you may need to copy-and-paste the URLs into your Web browser):

I will continue to add to this list over time, and if anyone has a suggestion for another link, please let me know!