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Hello Everyone,

I am working with ProjectWise Explorer SS4. Under project properties, View, I want all my users to be able to set a "Personal view assigned to this folder". My admins can but not users. I have looked everywhere I can think for the settings that would control this. Any ideas? I am on Int SS3.

Thanks, J03 C:\

  • Here are a few possible workarounds for this issue (tested on PW
    1. The PW admin could meet with the users to come up with a few global view(s) that would satisfy the user’s needs, and then assign them to the project folders.

    2. The user can create and set a default view for the datasource , search result, environment or folder through the manage views GUI. In PW Explorer I logged in as a test user, went to views\ managed views, created a view called TB , clicked on the 'set defaults tab, and assigned it to a project folder called “Test Project” which my user does not have write access to.
    When the user then goes to that folder the personal view is set and will work, even though they do not have write permissions and it is greyed out.

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