ProjectWise PowerShell Module Requests

This is the post so you the users can request features to be placed inside of the ProjectWise PowerShell Modules.

  • Can the "InheritingFrom" property of folders be updated to show where the folder actually inherits its permissions from?

    Quite often, it says "Datasource Global Permissions" when the folder is actually inheriting its permissions from a parent folder.


    PS M:\> Get-PWFolderSecurity $f | Where {$_.Workflow -eq $f.Workflow}

    ProjectName : AA123
    SecurityType : Document
    Type : Group
    Name : administrator
    Access_Control_Settings : FPCDrwSRWf-
    Workflow : Standard
    State : Draft
    InheritingFrom : Datasource Global Permissions
    FullPath : Standards and Publications\ProjectWise\_Projectwide\Example

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