UPDATE: We have changed the way we are delivering PWPS_DAB

Hello All,

We have changed the way we are delivering PWPS_DAB down to the users in an effort to help get you the latest updates the fastest way possible.  PWPS_DAB will now be available in the PowerShell Gallery.  PowerShell Gallery is a repository in the cloud that you can pull PowerShell modules down directly into PowerShell and/or upgrade the version you have.  If you go to www.powershellgallery.com and search for PWPS_DAB you will see the installs.  To update your local copy:

  1. First uninstall the version you have on your machine, this will help with a clean install as the new modules install in a different location
  2. Run PowerShell or ISE as an administrator, type "install-module pwps_dab -Verbose" and that's it.  It will install and you are good to go.

To get a new version once it is installed just type "Update-Module pwps_dab -Verbose"

A lot of us here are actually using a two step process of "Uninstall-Module pwps_dab -Verbose" and "Install-Module pwps_dab -Verbose" for a completely clean install, but that is completely up to you.  Personally I have created a script (update.ps1) which has the Uninstall-Module and Install-Module inside of it and when i need to update i just run that script.

So basically this means no more downloading MSIs, etc., etc. Hope you find this useful and please let us know if it works out for you.


  • Function you can use to test if you're installed version is up-to-date vs the PSGallery version

    # check version of installed PWPS_DAB vs. version on PSGallery
    function Test-PWDABModule {
    	# make sure pwps_dab module is loaded so we can get version
    	Import-Module -Name "PWPS_DAB" -DisableNameChecking
    	$installed = Get-Module "PWPS_DAB" | Where ModuleType -eq "Binary"
    	$avail = Find-Module "PWPS_DAB"
    	if ($installed.version -ne $avail.version) {
    		write-host "New version of PWPS_DAB available. $($avail.version)" -backgroundcolor red -foregroundcolor yellow
    	} else {
    		write-host "Installed PWPS_DAB is up to date. $($avail.version)"

    Before updating the module, if you've used the existing module you'll need to remove it from your current session:

    Remove-Module "PWPS_DAB"

    If you update-module without uninstall-module first, both versions will be installed on your system (they're installed in a folder named for the version). This can lead to weird behavior if you aren't sure which version is installed.

    from experience, cough, you can uninstall old versions explicitly by:

    uninstall-module "PWPS_DAB" -RequiredVersion

    that will remove version of explicitly.


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