Finding Folders and Files by GUID

Frequently we URLs from users that we want to use with a script. Sometimes these are in URN format using GUID instead of URL format.

Can we get 2 new cmdlets:

Get-PWFoldersByGUID -GUIDstring string[] -JustOne -Slow

Get-PWFilesByGUID -GUIDstring string[] -JustOne -Slow

or maybe instead of new cmdlets update Get-PWFolders with a -GUIDstring option like the FolderID option, and add a -GUIDstring option to Get-PWDocumentsBySearch.

You can sort of simulate this by piping Get-PWFolders to a where statement, but it is super slow on large datasources.

 Get-PWFolders -slow | where GUIDString -eq "GUIDstring"

it also can't handle an array of GUID strings (although that isn't necessary for a URN)