Copy Environment Attribute between Environments

I would like to copy an Attribute from one Environment to another i the same datasource.  I have the following:

$datasource = 'FakeBeforcolon:FakeAfter'

$VerbosePreference = 'Continue'
$ErrorActionPreference = 'Continue'

Write-Verbose "Connecting to $datasource"

New-PWLogin -DatasourceName $datasource -BentleyIMS

#Copy the Attribute
Copy-PWEnvironmentColumn -SourceEnvironmentName 'Title Block' -TargetEnvironmentName 'CADD Files' -ColumnName 'Print_Type'

This will create an Attribute in the CADD Files Environment but does not seem to copy the Attribute.  I say this because:

  1. The new Attribute's name is all Caps while the original is named as shown in the code
  2. The original has a SQL Select statement for the Value List and this is missing in the new one

There are no other items to check in the newly created Attribute so checking other items does not seem possible.

Also, in the target Environment, the newly created Attribute is added to the 'More Attributes' tab but is only listed as an item, not shown as a positioned field as if it was created manually.

What am I missing? Are there other things, such as the Data type and Length that are not being copied as well?