Import-PWDocuments error codes and shortened path


I recently use Import-PWDocuments to import huge folders (275000 files, about 700 Gb)

It worked quite well but i had 3 different issues,

  • The script send me different warning of some files (12 files)  who were not imported , do you have these 3 error code explanations ?

WARNING: Error 56049 creating 'xxx.pdf' in \x\x\

WARNING: Error 50000 creating

WARNING: Error 58258 creating

  • when i compare the directory tree, i note that some path were shorten in Projectwise in comparition of windows folder

I have lot of folder in windows with path > 255 car but Import-PWDocuments seems to deal with this correctly

  • I decide to compare pjw statistics for number of files , per main subfoilders

About 120 files where missing pretty much everywhere , and different king of files (jpg, pdf, ..)  without any errors messages

perhaps -verbose helped me to have more informations but with more than 275000 files it will be unreadable