Errors on CONNNECTED Project cmdlets

Trying to use either Add-PWUsersToConnectedProject variant and keep getting the error:

Get-PWUsersByMatch -UserName 'example.user' | Add-PWUsersToConnectedProject -FolderPath 'RootFolder\CONNECTED_Project_WorkArea\' -Verbose
VERBOSE: Adding 1 users to project id '3c09b108-2bed-44bd-8a92-2dfa97d522c6'
VERBOSE: Adding user ''...
Response: {"errorId":"OperationFailed","errorMessage":"Connection for provided BcKey can not be resolved. BcKey: 3c09b108-2bed-44bd-8a92-2dfa97d522c6","errorDescription":null,"logId":"b6b78c8

Anyone run into this before? I'm not seeing anything searching for BcKey errors. 

Also ran into some warnings at first, but some searching showed that I needed to install Deliverables Management for the DLLs to exist. We aren't using DM, so not sure if this is contributing to the issue.



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