Are there any plans or timescales yet for getting the 32bit PWPS functions into 64bit PWPS_DAB?

  • Some functionality is in both, but named differently so not sure how it would be managed / merged...

    e.g. Add-PWUserToGroup is in pwps_dab and the same type of thing is also in pwps as Add-PWGroupMember.

    P.S. The Add-PWGroupMember in pwps is taking 4 to 5 minutes to add 1 user to one group???? Do I have a datasource problem or is this just slow..

    Maybe best that is dropped if they do migrate. Always useful to have things like Set-PWUserSetting  from pwps as I do not believe this is possible in pwps_dab.....hey ho...Using a mixture of Import-Module pwps and Import-Module -Name pwps_dab for now..

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