Version of PWPS_DAB just posted to the PowerShell Gallery

We just posted version of the #PWPS_DAB #PowerShell module for #ProjectWise to the PowerShell Gallery. To install: Run an Admin session of 32-bit PowerShell v5 and use the cmdlet Update-Module PWPS_DAB (if you already have the module) or Install-Module PWPS_DAB (for a new install). One can run Uninstall-Module PWPS_DAB first just to clean up old installs. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This PowerShell Module is not covered under your SELECT Agreement and is not supported via your contractual support channels. Support is only available via the BE Communities site ( ).
  • Change log says a Copy-FileToSharePoint was added but I can't bring up help on it and get-command -module pwps_dab doesn't show it.


  • 2019-02-13 Version

    Added cmdlets

    • Copy-FileToSharePoint
      • requires explicit import of HelperFunctions.psm1 along with the SharePoint module. Copies file from Windows to SharePoint.
    • Write-PWPSLog
      • Renamed from Write-Log, added help and examples
    • Get-PWPSLogsFromPreviousDays
      • renamed from Get-PowerShellLogsFromPreviousDays

    Changed cmdlets

    • CheckOut-PWDocuments
      • changed the way the -NoReferences switch works
    • Get-PWDocumentsSearch
      • fixed parameter bug when only Attributes were defined