Creating Flat Sets from Advanced Search Results

We are getting ready to migrate files stored on a storage area to a new NAS. The problem is, we have hundreds of users with thousands of documents either checked out or exported. We want to try and provide an easy way for them to quickly go back and check them out to lock them immediately following our storage migration. I spoke with Bentley Technical support, they suggested I try posing questions here in the PowerShell BC forums.

  1. Is there a way to create flat sets from search results that end users could do WITHOUT the user of PowerShell
  2. IF PowerShell can be used, is there a way to actually create a flat set of all documents based on the following general properties:
    1. Storage (Storage Area)
    2. Out To (User; name or ID)
  3. Is there a download location for the Examples.ps1? The initial PW Admin installer (03.140) did not have this folder in the x86 install location unfortunately.

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