Q: Upon export, can we repath the references?

When we export an entire folder in the thick client, we have the option to repath references. It's never been clear why this wasn't an option on single documents.. 

Can we have the option to repath these during export using PoSH?

Might be a tall order.. but who doesn't like a challenge from time to time?

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  • When you export a single file, all of the references are placed into the same directory, thus not needing a path. Pathing the references would be the same as removing the paths.  When you export a folder structure, you have to path the references for the application to find them.  There have also been requests for the option to not export any references. So, are you asking for an option to remove the reference pathing in the main file exported?  it would have to be supported in the API before it would be supported in a PowerShell method.