Export-PWDocuments - how to prevent creation of ProjectWise folders on disk?


i use Export-PWDocuments to export one document from ProjectWise to a share on the network. I use the following command with parameters:

Export-PWDocuments -InputDocuments $validationFile -OutputFolder $exportDirectory -JustOneFolder

The output folder path is something like:


There should reside the file i exported but the export command creates the full tree from ProjectWise DMS like so:

\\[share]\tst-Planverwaltung_Bestandsdaten$\Validierung\0b7a31c7-9c69-47e2-a4c7-9f309e8c33e7\Planverwaltung Bestandsdaten\3002\0980_Prüf\G-\E0--\M 1{colon}250\0002\4

How can i prevent the creation of "Planverwaltung Bestandsdaten\3002\0980_Prüf\G-\E0--\M 1{colon}250\0002\4"?