Module top create and add "links" to custom folders (Global)

We are currently deploying an adopting a new document management system (non engineering PW implementation) which currently has over 1220 project folder with 1600 order numbers (doc level attribute related to the parent project.

Since different users in different groups base their work off of different information (project management works off of a project ID, other teams work off of an order or job number, while still others work base don location of the work), there is some confusion as to where people should put their documents.

While this is primarily a culture issue of groups working in silos, I would love to create system whee they CAN work by those structures without having to create different project templates which will end up housing different portions of the data.

I would like to create Global Custom Folders and automate the creation of the links within during project creation, with an added PS command, something like "New-CustomFolder" and "New-CustomFolderLink"

This way I can present the projects differently based on attributes but still use the actual project folder to keep the files centralized. The actual structure could be built using attribute data already stored in variables in a project creation script or even be hard coded if desired. it should be able to accept command option for "Personal" or "Global", -FolderPath to create, -LinkName and -LinkPath etc. :

Global Folder

----->By Order Number (custom folder)

----------->1234567 (custom folder created using a value or variable from a spreadsheet same as project creation)

---------------->Project (link to project folder)


---------------->Project (link to project folder)

-----> By Region

----------->North Valley



----------->South Valley


--------------------->Project (link to project folder)