Export Outlook mails and attachment to specific PW folders.

HI Guys,

I need your help, is there a way to automate my situation right now, I'am managing the documents of Three (3) different projects and receiving all submission thru outlook mail. Everyday, I have to export/download all mails including their attachments to three different PW project folder.

I've heard PowerShell I really helpful in this situation, but I don't know how to start, though I've tried coding before. Can you please help me, I will really appreciate it.

The scenario goes something like this. I will assign each project a specific keyword in the email subject line example: QWE - Project1, ABC - Project2 & XYZ - Project3. The script will read the email subject line if the keyword in the subject is QWE that email including its attachment will be exported to Project1 Folder, ABC keyword to Project2 and so on.

Please guys I hope you can help me.