Version of PWPS_DAB just posted to the PowerShell Gallery

We just posted version of the #PWPS_DAB #PowerShell module for #ProjectWise to the PowerShell Gallery. To install: Run an Admin session of 32-bit PowerShell v5 and use the cmdlet Update-Module PWPS_DAB (if you already have the module) or Install-Module PWPS_DAB (for a new install). One can run Uninstall-Module PWPS_DAB first just to clean up old installs. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This PowerShell Module is not covered under your SELECT Agreement and is not supported via your contractual support channels. Support is only available via the BE Communities site ( ).
  • 2019-05-05 Version

    General note:

    • Finally ported the geospatial functionality to 64-bit. Also changed audit trail handling to better support the backup audit trail.
      • Intent had always been to include that in audit trail reporting, but we found some inconsistencies.
      • You'll see a new -ExcludeSecondaryAuditTrail switch on a lot of the reporting cmdlets now (too many to list invididually).

    Added cmdlets

    • Get-PWFoldersByAccessMember
      • returns an array of folder objects that each have a specified member (group, user, userlist) explicitly applied in its access control.
    • Remove-PWAttributeFromInterface
      • used to remove an attribute from an interface.

    Changed cmdlets

    • Get-PWDocumentsBySearch
      • added Geo criteria to the search (min/max lat/long parameters), added MimeType and Storage Area to the default return columns.
      • Added -PopulatePath switch that will at least populate the folder paths and won't degrade performanc as much as -GetAttributes.
      • Fixed bug with 32-bit searching that would crash the cmdlet which was introduced in version
    • Get-PWMissingStorageArea
      • fixed bug where documents not in the folder's default storage area would incorrectly show as missing.
    • Set-PWInterfaceGUIDefinition
      • fixed bug with placement of attributes on More Attributes tab.
    • Get-PWFolderDocumentSize
      • fixed intermittent bug in reporting.
    • Remove-PWFolder
      • added ability to pass FolderID.
    • Import-PWProjectAccessControl
      • added ability to import access control from a datatable.
    • Export-PWAAMFile
      • fixed bug with table definition exports.


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